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For a healthy digital lifestyle

Relax and unwind with MyPauze signal blocking products. Developed with great care to help people socialize without media. MyPauze makes it possible to create a balance between an online and offline lifestyle. Spend more quality time together in real life.

My break

Our Story

"Oh my God. We miss out so much IRL. We scroll away our lives! ”

"The worst thing is that our children become the same and they do not even know that there is any other way to live and socialize"

She then realized that she was not alone in feeling deprived of time, focus, presence and quality time and decided to do something about it. The idea of a product whose purpose was to create time for digital breaks was born. A few months later, MyPauze was founded and the journey towards a sustainable digital lifestyle began.

Take a MyPauze

Be more present

With MyPauze by your side, it will be easier to focus on the present. Relax and take a break from social media.

Quality time

Increase your chances for creative moments. Take a break from your phone and let your creativity flow freely without buzzing.

Family & Friends

When was the last time you had a dinner with your family or had a coffee with your best friend without being disturbed by your phone? MyPauze provides space for more quality time in your everyday life, when it matters the most.

Better sleep

Do not let your mobile phone affect your sleep. Reduce screen time during your power nap or at bedtime. Improve your sleep by minimizing the risk of being woken up by your mobile phone.

Increased creativity

More time with family and friends makes us happier as human beings according to research. For us at MyPauze, this is one of the cornerstones, regaining eye contact, deepening your conversations and being present when you socialize.

Better focus

MyPauze makes it easier to choose when you want to increase your focus. On things like the next exam, the book you never get time to read or the course you never finished.

Our vision

Today we are used to constantly being connected, available and overwhelmed by mobile impressions. We reach for our phone on average every seven minutes. It accompanies us everywhere, in bed, in the bathroom, in the classroom, at workplace, at the dining table, at the playground or the TV couch. And is always at a maximum of one arm's length away. This creates unhealthy digital habits that affect you.

With MyPauze you make an active choice to disconnect and relax. You avoid stressful push notifications, take a break from social media and make yourself unavailable for a while, how long you decide for yourself. By using MyPauze, you signal to those around you that you are giving them your full attention. You simply give them the most precious thing you have - your time.


Quality time together

We make it easy for you to take a break from your phone.

Can't you just turn off the phone instead?

Sure, but be honest- when was the last time you turned off your phone? MyPauze gives you the opportunity & the tool to change your digital habits. In addition, you get an elegant product in vegan leather. Take a MyPauze moment!

MyPauze moment

Makes it easier to put down the phone

Make room for a digital break

The cases are made of vegan leather and are available in different designs and colors. Suitable for phones and tablets, with or without lock. You simply put your phone in the case and avoid being disturbed by phone signals. The lockable cases for phones and tablets are perfect tools for parents to regulate and create healthy family routines. The cases from MyPauze have a special radiation protecting material that effectively blocks all communication to and from the phone.

We also have products for School & Business

The portable phone hotel makes it possible for students & employees to have phone free lessons or meetings. Our signal blocking phone cases makes it easy to take a break from your phone and keep focus when needed.

Generation PEP



The feeling of being disconnected sometimes is liberating.

The advantage is to avoid turning off the phone to not be disturbed.

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