This way you avoid screen stress and digital anxiety

Stephanie from Älmhult in Småland invented mobile phone cases with locks and created a sustainable digital lifestyle - with more human contact and increased presence!

"Our digital lifestyle makes our everyday life incredibly much easier, but as in much else, it is about having a healthy balance."

Stephanie Spindler Jonsson is the entrepreneur and inventor who got tired of the constant mobile scrolling and took matters into his own hands. She invented the lockable mobile case, a completely new and revolutionary product that gives you a much-needed break from the phone without you having to turn it off.


- In the best of worlds, my product would not have to be present, but since we are not able to "just" turn off the phone, a concrete tool is needed to be able to take a digital break, says Stephanie, CEO of the company MyPauze which she owns and has founded.


We have become accustomed to being constantly connected, accessible and always overwhelmed by impressions. We reach for our phone on average every seven minutes. It accompanies us everywhere, in bed, on the toilet, in the lesson, the workout, at the dining table, in the laundry room or the TV couch. And always at a maximum of one arm's length.
-It is no wonder that we feel stressed and mobile dependent, says Stephanie. 


- The first and last thing we do every day is to scroll on our phones. We have the phone next to us by the bed and it stresses us and gives a radiation risk. With my case, you avoid all this while the alarm clock still works, says Stephanie Spindler Jonsson.


Stephanie has the solution

Stephanie Spindler Jonsson is a young entrepreneur in Stockholm who was born and raised in Älmhult. She got tired of having coffee with friends who were completely engrossed in their phones. And she was strongly affected by all the alarm reports about increased destructive mobile phone use, screen anxiety, feelings of absence and too much sedentary, not least among children. 


So she simply invented a signal-blocking case that makes your cell phone "disappear" and be silent for a while. 

-I want to create an acceptance in society that it is "okay" to check out and take a break from the digital, live more in the present and not always be available 24 hours a day. I think many would have appreciated and felt good about it. 


- The lockable cases for mobile phones and tablets are perfect tools for parents to regulate and create routines for children's screen time. The whole family gets a much-needed break from the digital stress, says Stephanie Spindler Jonsson.


The case blocks all communication
The case from MyPauze contains a special, radiation-protecting material that effectively blocks all communication in the mobile, reduces radiation and reduces digital stress. The material is unique and has military origins.


Gives you a nice digital break

The case is made of vegan leather and is available in several different designs for mobile and tablet, with or without lock. You simply put your phone in the case and avoid all signals and push notifications. The lockable case is easily opened with a magnetic key.


- Using the case is a way to physically mark that now I take a break from my phone. If you do not want a lockable case, it is also available without a lock, says Stephanie.


But why do you need a MyPause case - you can not just turn off the phone?

- Well, you might think so. But honestly, when was the last time you turned off your phone? We almost never do that. And having the mobile phone lying in front of us disturbs our concentration, regardless of whether it is in flight mode or off. "Hiding and locking" the digital device with a case creates an extra barrier. We simply remove the candy bag in front of us.


- In addition, you will discover how often you pick up your phone. It will be an important aha-experience to realize how dependent you actually are on your phone, says Stephanie.